CSGO lanceert Operation Hydra

Door Jay, 24-05-2017 11:24, bron: counter-strike

Valve heeft het Operation Hydra event gelanceerd voor Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Het evenement duurt tot september en is toegankelijk voor alle spelers, al levert een Hydra Pass van 5,99 dollar je wel nog wat extraatjes op, zoals speciale weapon designs en een campaign die je met een vriend kan doorlopen.

Verder brengt Operation Hydra elke week een unieke mode voor spelers. Wingman brengt 2v2, best-of-16 matches, terwijl Weapons Expert je elk wapen slechts één keer per match laat kopen. War Games brengt dan weer verschillende modifiers met zich mee:

  • HEAVY ASSAULT SUIT Play casual bomb defusal rounds with the help of a new suit of armor available for purchase in the buy menu. Like a tank, you’ll make a bold entrance as you plow through enemy territory. Prepare to be the center of attention!
  • HEADSHOTS ONLY Practice your aim in a headshots-only deathmatch. Guaranteed to raise your headshot percentage to 100. HUNTERS-GATHERERS Every kill drops a dogtag – work with your team to collect enemy tags and recover your own. Your actions score points for your team, so work together and push for victory!
  • STAB STAB ZAP Get up close and personal in this electrifying War Game. With only a knife and a special recharging Zeus (and with whatever grenades you can afford), you’ll have to have great close-range skills to win. THE FLYING SCOUTSMAN Based on a fan favorite, this War Game turns the gravity down and the accuracy up. Armed only with an SSG08, a knife, and your quick reflexes, take advantage of cover and high mobility to take down the enemy!
  • TRIGGER DISCIPLINE Take your time and aim carefully–you’ll take damage for every missed shot. Concentrate on perfect accuracy or bait enemies into missing shots–then finish them off with grenades. Good things come to those who wait.


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